Testimonials & Endorsements

We beleive in the Romani Coopworth Breed, but don't just take our word for it - read what people have to say about our Romani Coopworth Sheep Breed.


When contemplating which direction to take our sheep genetics we landed on Romani Coopworth. I knew Ross from the NZ Sheep Council days and when it was suggested to me that I should look at his genetics, I did so without hesitation. Those that know Ross would understand why – he accepts no BS, is a very good practical farmer but importantly is a very good thinker who possesses vision and an enquiring mind, underpinned by the ability to execute.
That decision was in 2010 and I would have to say that it has been one of my better farming decisions.

We run 9000 to 9500 ewes and mate 2200 ewe hoggets on hard, steep Gisborne hill country.

We have been using Romani genetics since 2010, having made the move in order to improve overall sheep performance and critically, have the risk of FE mitigated.

Romani genetics have delivered in spades on all accounts. Their genetic trend graphs are outstanding and attest to the impact that they have had on our sheep business.

We have seen the following fertility improvements:

  • Scanning (without triplets) has lifted from 155 to 176 ave (4 tooth's and 6 tooth's now scanning in excess of 180).
  • At the same time mating weights have reduced from 65 kg to 63 kg giving a mating efficiency improvement from 2.46 to 2.80.
  • Again the younger age groups with greater Romani influence are coming in at 2.9 and the 2tooths this year were at 3.0 - scanning 174 off a 58kg tupping weight.

The ewes are extremely free moving and ideal for our class of country. They have real vigour and can bounce back after tight winters and springs and irrespective of weaning weight, we can easily get them back up to speed for tupping.

Romani, critically, are also placing selection pressure on low input attributes such as fly strike tolerance, worm resistance/tolerance, dag score and bareness. It is now noticeable, that in the younger female age groups, these attributes are beginning to manifest.

As we finish all our lambs down on our finishing blocks, which are in the hot spot for FE, having the genetics to handle this challenge is vitally important and reassuring.
Even in the summer of 2015/16, when FE wreaked havoc on many flocks, we sailed through unaffected. We had lambs on some very FE hot hills (back grounding before going onto the clover/plantain flats) and again we came through totally unaffected in our Romani genetic lambs.

I purchase Romani rams with total confidence in the integrity of Ross as a ram breeder and stockman and know that it is a genetic package that has been forged in a truly commercial environment.

I would not hesitate in recommending Romani genetics.

Dan Jex-Blake
Mangapoike Station

Endorsement from Farm Consultant Dick Lancaster

I am very confident that the transfer of ownership and management of the MNCC Coopworth Ram breeding flock to Ross and Ruth Richards of Romani Farms near Taumarunui will be a very positive move.

Romani Farms is elevated and exposed medium hill-country located near the ranges east of Taumarunui. Ross is an excellent farmer with considerable stockmanship and pasture management ability and an in-depth technical interest and understanding of sheep feeding and breeding.

During the 20 plus years I have known Ross he has always been involved in Monitor Farms and discussion groups where his well considered contribution to productive discussion is always valued by his peers, and visits to Romani are always popular. But it was his 18 year participation in the   Farmer Council of Beef+ Lamb NZ that fed Ross's appetite for technical knowledge and understanding of sheep production.

Pursuing his interest in sheep genetics, in 2005 Ross purchased the second tier recorded MNCC ewe lambs to develop a small recorded ram breeding flock. This provided the experience and confidence to acquire the complete MNCC Ram breeding flock when it became available in 2015.

Ross has been alerted by prudent Ram buying clients who "always go North to buy Rams", that moving the flock south to a cooler climate may reduce the natural selection pressure for Parasites and Mycotoxins. His awareness of the need for this challenge  plus his intensity of farming and sheltered lower country provide plenty of opportunity for natural selection pressure  for parasite and mycotoxin tolerance, on top of the continuing regime of robust testing and recording protocols.

Ross and Ruth employ one permanent casual worker to assist them farm their 630 ha effective, 8000 SU property. For business and technical management they have prudently established a consultancy/advisory/management team comprising a Farm Business Consultant, a Vet, their banker, and their accountant with whom they meet on a regular basis.

 I have a high regard for the integrity and ability of this farming couple their commitment to the ongoing development of a robust and productive dual purpose sheep that Farmers enjoy farming, to take the hill-country into a profitable future.

I am confident and pleased to be able to continue to favour the use of Romani Coopworths for productive and profitable longevity on hill-country.

Dick Lancaster
Farm Consultant