Elite Rams

For the 2016 season Romani had 130 rams for sale, with a wide selection suitable for most commercial farm situations.

Romani aims to ensure there is plenty of ram selection choice, often with three rams for viewing for every ram sold. To further cater to all farm budgets and needs, Romani offers rams across three price tiers, and provide the opportunity to select across one bracket, or from all three. Pricing is based on SIL rankings, typically ranging from SIL index over 2500, SIL 2000-2500 and B grade rams that are under 2000 or have some minor fault such as uneven wool etc.

Romani's selling season normally starts around mid-November, once the  selection list is received from SIL  after all the lambing data has been analysed.

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Romani 225/14 is ranked 86th for NZMW+Meat.

Romani 154/14 is ranked number 2 of all Dual Purpose rams on SIL for NZMW+FEC, 24th for NZMW+Meat Yeild, 28th for survival, and 31st for NZMW.

Romani 238/12 is ranked 184th for NZMW+Meat.

Romani 246/13 is ranked 55 for survival and 136/ for NZMW+Meat.

Romani 181/14 is ranked 8th for NZMW+FEC, 26th for survival, and 89th for NZMW+Meat.


SIL Ram Selection

You can view Romani Coopworth rams on the Sheep Improvement Limited website.
You can make use of their online RamFinder tool here, to search and find Romani Farms Coopworth Rams.

To find Romani Farms Coopworth Rams please use the following:

Flock Name: Romani
Breed: Coopworth
SIL Flock Number: 4851