Why Choose Romani Coopworths?

Romani Coopworths offer the modern sheep farmer the best of both worlds – lower costs of production, and increased revenue for maximum profits.

Ross and Ruth have worked hard to ensure not only do Romani Coopworths continue to maintain their excellent level of FE tolerance, but are also capable of thriving under tough conditions and high worm loadings. Worming is done according to WormFEC Protocols. To read more information on WormFEC, Click here

Romani ram lambs face a tough path to prove themselves.

Not only are they subjected to testing at high FE sporidesmin counts, with .62mg/kgLW being the standard now, but they also face a 10 week gap between being drenched at weaning and being drenched again, followed by another 10 week gap, right through the summer/ autumn.

Add in a low feed regime, and it quickly becomes possible to sort the keepers from the culls – Ross is looking for the ones that can manage tougher conditions, worm loadings and FE challenges and still deliver with strong growth rates and carcass yields.


The result?

Rams delivering offspring with meatier carcasses, including a high level of the “MyoMAX®” muscling gene – Romani have struck a balance to deliver genetics that have good growth rates and good meat yield, two that don’t always come together.

MyoMax® gene testing is done via Sheep5K Genomic tool, through Zoetis Genetics New Zealand. For more information on MyoMax®, click here.

And the numbers speak volumes –  many Romani Coopworth rams record 200-500 on the SIL meat Index, and growth indices ranging from 1300-2500.

Click here for Genetic Trends Graphs.


“We are focusing on stud rams that have greater physical robustness, and ability to perform regardless of the worm challenge they face, and our drenching programme helps sort out those that are most worm tolerant.”

Ross Richards.